Homeland Security Spy Infrastructure

Here is a link to a blog post written by Craig Cavanaugh over at Keep It Simple Survival about some scary technologies that are in use by the Department of Homeland Security and the threat of a possible internet crackdown.  This is some stuff that is absolutely on its way to crushing our personal liberty.

***WARNING – Despite the good information contained in Mr. Cavanaugh’s post, it does contain some adult content in the form of language and gestures.***

Financial Self Defense w/ The Alpha Strategy

I am not big on investing with the current economic situation.  It scares me.  I am afraid that I will save my money and when I need it the most it will not be there for me.  That does not mean that I think it will have all disappeared.  I believe that with inflation and changes in law that by the time I need the money what is left will not be enough to truly amount to anything significant.

I even think the future may bring a different set of classes.  Instead of the upper, middle, and lower classes I think we might be looking at the haves and have-nots.  This is where The Alpha Strategy comes into play.  The Alpha Strategy is a book written by John A. Pugsley in 1980 but should not be written off as non-applicable to today’s situation.  Mr. Pugsley’s work is not only relivant but enlightening and could almost be treated in part as a guide to assist in preparing for an uncertain future.

Pugsley comes from the Austrian economics school of thought which is gaining more and more traction lately across the globe.  If you are interested in learning more about the Austrian school of thought check out the Ludwig von Mises Institute.  While the background on economics and the economy is great, what makes The Alpha Strategy such a great tome for the survivalist/prepper is the valuable approach to accumulating wealth through physical holding of goods and not paper or intangible investments.  The emphasis is placed on holding future consumables because you are protected from inflation, taxes on inflation are avoided, investment risk is avoided, and storing these items is a hedge against a recession or depression.

The Alpha Strategy breaks investments down into four levels.  Level one is investment in production which is essentially education, a second trade, and tools with which to produce.  Level two is to save consumables such as items to maintain your home or shelter, foods, beverages, first aid supplies, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, clothing, etc.  The third level of The Alpha Strategy is to save real money.  This includes manufactured goods for the purpose of resale or barter, raw commodities, and precious metals to name a few.  The fourth and final level is to protect against theft.

This is a great book for the prepper but also for the person that just wishes to better understand how the economy works.  The bonus is that it contains a written plan for how to invest in tangible assets as a means of securing your future.  If you are interested in reading The Alpha Strategy, it can be downloaded from The Bio-Rational Institute.

This Is Why We Prep

PREPARATION . . . Pass It On.  The Foundation for a Better Life billboard - Santan Loop 202
The recent storms in the Northeastern United States serve as a reminder of why everyone should have basic preps in place in our homes, cars, and places of employment.  With literally millions of people experiencing prolonged power outages, the need for emergency supplies is very clear.  The individual or family that keeps supplies on hand is always prepared for these scenarios and does not have to subject themselves to the chaos of trying to meet your basic needs during an emergency.  Some day I will get around to posting my own list of recommended items to have for your respective emergency kits but in lieu of having that available check out the Red Cross for a list of basic needs to have on hand for an emergency.  Don’t be one of the sheeple and make sure that you have a kit for your home, car, and work.

Oh Vinegar…How I Love Thee!

Ok, so love may be a little strong but vinegar can definitely be a super soldier when it comes to taking care of things around the house.  I will admit that I have heard of many uses for vinegar but have not always been good about trying them.  The other day though my wife was trying to unclog her bathroom sink and was going about it with a less than ideal method in my opinion so I suggested vinegar and baking soda to her.  She thought I was crazy.  So I explained to her that if it makes such a great eruption for a science fair volcano then I bet the violence of the reaction would be great for unclogging the sink.  Well it worked beautifully!  The other great thing that I see about it is that it is way better than all those caustic chemicals that the meth-heads use to make their product.  I would rather not have to worry about locking that stuff up so my kids can’t get into it either.  Oh yeah, the cost is significantly less too.  With the low cost of vinegar and baking soda it would also make a great item to stockpile for future uses or for your survival preps.

So you might be wondering how much of the baking soda and vinegar did I use?  The first thing I did was dump about 1/4 cup baking soda down the drain.  Next, I poured about 1 cup of vinegar down behind it.  The reaction lasted about 30 seconds and cleared the drain right out.  So the next time you have a clogged drain consider using baking soda and vinegar.  It is cheaper, safer, and a whole lot cooler to watch!

LDS Preparedness Manual – A Must Have Prepper Resource!

The LDS Preparedness Manual is a valuable resource that offers a great start for those that are unsure of where to start with your preps.  This manual can be downloaded for free from ldsavow.com.  Some of the great information contained in the LDS manual includes a sample 96 Hour Kit, Food Storage Information, Basic Foods List, Emergency Shelter, Defensive Needs, Terrorism, and the impressive list just continues.  This is not something that I would consider as being a resource that is restricted to members of the LDS community but a tool that can be utilized by anyone that is serious about making steps towards preparedness and independant living.  Check it out today and see what a great addition to the prep library it will be!

The path to preparedness

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