Not-So-Monday Mania – 7.20.2016

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Not-So-Monday Mania – 7.20.2016

Welcome to another week of Monday Mania (even though I am a couple of days late)!

I have found that I feel a more urgent need to be prepared for the unexpected as the world seems to continue to de-stabilize. This seems to be the result of many things, but the recent attacks on police officers in Dallas, TX and Baton Rouge, LA is particularly unsettling to me and the fact that there has almost been a #BlackLivesMatter insurgency that has started is even more troubling.

As I watched the initial press conference about the Baton Rouge shootings on Sunday, I think that Sheriff Sid Gautreaux of the East Baton Rouge, LA Sheriff’s Office probably said it best when he said, “This isn’t so much about gun control as it is about what’s in men’s hearts.”

There is a lot of truth in that. Guns have been around for hundreds of years without these types of events happening. Even if guns were illegal, there are still plenty of mass killings that have occurred in history that were carried out without a single firearm.

My bottom line is that it is vital to take the steps to get prepared for troubling times because I am believe they are here, and they will only get worse as time goes by.

I am going to close this out with my tin foil hat on…

Over the last year or so, and as we get closer and closer to the election in November, I have heard more about the idea that martial law will be implemented prior to the presidential election. This would in turn lead to the ability of Barack Obama to remain as the POTUS past the expiration of his second, and final, term in office.

When I first starting hearing this, I honestly did not buy into the idea that this would realistically be a possibility. I did not think that the American people would ever really let this happen. My confession here is that this does not seem like such a stretch anymore.

Here’s why…

There was a prediction that I made before the identity of the Dallas shooter was revealed, it was that the shooter was a military veteran who had deployed in support of the Global War on Terror. My assumption was also that the shooter was black (based on the claim that the goal of the shooter was to kill white police officers).

Insert rant here ↓

I realize that I said black and not African-American. It is just like the fact that I am white and not Anglo-American. Like most Americans, I am not a first generation American. This makes me more American than any specific group or skin color. Therefore, if you would like to lump me into a smaller group than Americans, you will have to probably go with my skin color which is “white.”

If you would like to subcategorize me even further, you can use my religion (Christian), my sexuality (heterosexual), and gender (male). Does that make you feel any better or worse about me? While I may not agree with all the decisions that other people make, you are who you are (just like the next guy or gal, is the next guy or gal) and to make a decision about you without knowing you, is asinine.

I will even take things an additional step further and say that if we chose to treat others how we would like to be treated, we would find ourselves in a much better world. I truly believe that the only reason that racism continues to be a problem in America is because, in some areas, many believe that we still have to put labels on things. But just like I should be shamed if I say all mankind, as opposed to humankind, when addressing all humans (men and women), it should not be so acceptable to address people by their skin color.

Rant complete.

Unfortunately, I was correct with my earlier prediction and assumption about the Dallas shooter.

As the news of the attack on police officers in Baton Rouge, LA spread on Sunday, I found myself thinking that we were going to find out that we would be in the same situation…a shooter that was a military veteran, who served in combat, and was black. Two strikes. I was right again.

As humans, our concern should be for the completely unnecessary loss of anyone’s life, regardless of any set of identifiers. At the same time, we need to look at each situation objectively and not rush to specific conclusions based on the fact that a law enforcement officer felt forced to take a specific action. One that, realistically, they probably would rather have not taken but, like most of us, that officer is going to do what it takes to survive and make it home to their loved ones at the end of the day.

With all of that said, the continued occurrences (of what I would call a “race war”) will do nothing to solve anything. But they could potentially lead to the imposition of martial law. Think about it, if there are continued attacks on law enforcement agencies across the nation, along with everything else that is already going on, would the idea of martial law be so far-fetched? Would it seem unreasonable at that point to empower the military to lock the country down and reduce, if not remove, most of the constitutional rights of the American people?

It doesn’t sound so crazy now, does it?

Hopefully this is a true tin foil hat moment and not a preview into the future.

I hope y’all have a blessed week!



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Marine Officer Under Fire Wants Same Treatment as Hillary Clinton – This makes plenty of sense to me. She wants to be the POTUS and as the Commander-in-Chief, if the treatment she received is acceptable, then the same should be done for anyone in the military. It’s too bad that we already know that will not happen. During my own military career, I have personally seen numerous occurrences of a leader getting different treatment and what often turn out to be more leniency when compared to a subordinate in the same situation.

Students scared of cops on campus force university to take drastic measures during RNC – This is just ridiculous. Really? The students at Case Western are scared that the 300 police officers brought in as additional security for the RNC will be a threat to them? It is thinking like this that has people thinking it is a good idea to ambush and kill police officers.


Musings of a Southern Anti-Federalist on the Presidential Election – This is a well-written piece about the current state of the United States, states’ rights, and the system of “creditism.”

That’s a wrap for me this week. As always, I hope that you all have a great week and keep getting ready for tough times. It seems like we get closer every day to something unfortunate coming along.

If you found something that you would like to share with the group or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Come back next week for another edition of Monday Mania.

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  1. Sadly, I am starting to believe in the possibility of this all being organized to keep the current regime in power.
    A wise man once said: Once is happenstance, twice coincidence, three times is enemy action.
    Now, we are way past three times into…dozens?

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