Gone But Not Forgotten…

Today is Memorial Day. It is not a surprise to many people. Everyone knows that it is some sort of holiday that resulted in a day off from school, work, etc. Most will capitalize on the opportunity to go hit the lake, swim, and grill out. There is nothing wrong with that but there is more to today than just having a good time with friends and family. Please make sure to honor those who answered the call from our country and made the ultimate sacrifice. Their families are forced to move on without them, without the chance to even have one last BBQ. There are literally tens of thousands of men and women over the years who never made it home. They are gone but not forgotten.

I especially honor the men who I served with that gave their lives in Iraq:

PFC Scott A. Messer, B TRP 1-32 CAV, 02 February 2006

SGT Thomas B. Turner Jr., C TRP 1-32 CAV, 14 July 2006

SPC Jermaine D. Franklin, A TRP 1-32 CAV, 09 November 2007

SSG Jonathon L. Martin, A TRP 1-32 CAV, 22 Novmber 2007

PFC Danny L. Kimme, C TRP 1-32 CAV, 16 January 2008

PFC David H. Sharrett, C TRP 1-32 CAV, 16 January 2008

SPC John P. Sigsbee, C TRP 1-32 CAV, 16 January 2008

PFC John T. Bishop, C TRP 1-32 CAV, 23 April 2008

1LT Timothy W. Cunningham, C TRP 1-32 CAV, 23 April 2008

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13



2 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten…”

  1. Hey Thomas… I found something that you may be interested in. It was on my facebook news feed and I figured you would want a peek. It’s a KIA Memorial bracelet that was found in Lake Belton. The name of the person who found the Bracelet is Cory Self. I’ll link his facebook here:


    Even if this doesn’t belong to you personally, and I know it may be a longshot, but I’m sure you would be more helpful in finding its owner than myself.

    1. Dustin,

      Thanks for letting me know. I am sure that someone is missing this and it means a lot that any attempt would be made to return it to the person who lost it. These memorial bracelets are meaningful, take it from someone who was there the night that PFC Bishop and 1LT Cunningham lost their lives. I will do everything I can. Thanks again.


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