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Proper Preparation: Breaking and Entering Defense

Security is vital to protecting ourselves, loved ones, and property. Most of what we can do is very basic and making these things a habit will significantly contribute to our safety and well being.

The following article is a guest submission by Lee Flynn.

While it is rare, being prepared for emergencies like theft or breaking and entering is essential to ensure that you don’t become a victim. Most people avoid preparing because it costs money, is inconvenient and they live in a good neighborhood without crime. At the same time, these preparations are the best way to avoid issues with theft. Here are a few simple ways to defend your home against burglars.

Use Existing Locks

While it may not be very advanced, one of the best ways to avoid theft is to use your existing locks. Many people who live in safer neighborhoods don’t lock their doors. It’s time to use your existing locks by regularly keeping doors and windows locked, even if you’re home.

Not only that, but you should check all of the locks before going to bed. It’s also a good idea to keep children from opening the door to uninvited strangers. If you have a spare key, then it’s better to give it to a trusted neighbor instead of placing it under a mat or flowerpot.

Get a Dog

Dogs are a great way to defend against theft. Any dog, regardless of its size, will bark and make loud noises whenever an intruder tries to enter the house. They will also be protective of their owners. Their loud barks will ensure that someone knows about the intruder’s activity, and larger dogs can intimidate thieves.

While dogs won’t be able to stop all burglars, they will be effective in dissuading criminals.

Secure Sliding Windows and Doors

Burglars love sliding windows and doors because they are easy to open. First of all, older sliding doors can be popped out of their frame, which means that they can be opened even if they are locked. Speaking of locks, the locks on sliding windows and doors are typically easier to pick than a door lock.

You should secure these areas to keep burglars from sneaking into your house. If you have a sliding door, then place a piece of wood or pipe in the back groove. This will keep the door from opening all the way, which will keep people out. Sliding windows can be secured by nails and metal pins. Just insert the nail a few inches above the window to act as a stopper.

Prepare the Yard

You can even prepare your yard so that it’s harder for thieves to break into your home. If you have shrubs, especially ones in front of windows, then be sure to keep them short. These provide excellent hiding opportunities for burglars. They might hide from police who are making their rounds, or they will wait until you come home to get your key.

You should also keep any walkways clear and visible. This makes it much easier to see people on your property. Some experts also suggest using holly bushes and thorny plants to dissuade criminals.

Sensor Lights

These lights are perfect for discouraging burglars. They will come on whenever they sense motion. If someone is trying to break into your home, then the lights will instantly turn on. This will make the thieves stop for a second because they might think that you turned the lights on. Not only that, but it provides instant visibility, which means that they might be caught.

Being prepared for emergencies is a good way to avoid breaking and entering because most burglars look for easy targets. If you just do some simple defensive preparation, then you’ll significantly reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim.

About The Author

Lee Flynn is a freelance writer and expert in emergency food preparedness and food storage.

The Social Media Data Mine

I recently stumbled upon this infographic from Distinctive Doors that outlines how burglars are using social media to obtain information about people, their habits, and the best times to commit their crimes. It is interesting to see how the internet and social media has made it easier to connect with friends and loved ones while the flipside is that it is also easier for criminals to obtain information to make crimes less risky and safer. Don’t miss out on the information towards the bottom on how to help secure your home.

How Burglars Are Using Social Media


Revolutionary Security Innovation

Have you ever wondered how you might be able to extend the capabilities of your security system? Or if there was a good solution for safeguarding a piece of equipment without incurring obscene costs? The solution is here and it costs less than 30 bucks!

.22 Caliber Mini-Sentry Trip Wire Alarm

Effective 24/7 Security for Preppers and Survivalists

The Mini-Sentry trip wire alarm can be used to protect large areas or individual items. It can be used on pastures, fences, roads, gates, vehicles, equipment, tools, supplies and more.  A distinct advantage to a trip wire alarm with the loud crack of a gun shot is the trespasser or thief knows that you are aware of their presence and location, and that you are serious about security.

The Mini-Sentry is tiny, easily concealed, uses a loud, readily available, inexpensive .22 caliber blank, is constructed of machined brass, galvanized and stainless steel and is coated in a flat black finish.

The Mini Sentry can be installed temporarily with a zip tie, string, tape or wire, and more permanently with screws For additional information on protecting your loved ones and property, go to:

Check out a YouTube video demonstration of the Mini-Sentry:

NOTE: The author in no way was/is being compensated for this article. I just believe this is an awesome and highly effective piece of equipment!

Best of The Prepared Ninja 2012

Looking back at 2012 makes me realize that it was quite a great year. While there are always some things that I wish I would have accomplished, I don’t have any complaints (in my personal life). For the country, not everything was a success…the elections I would not consider the highlight of the American dream last year. The United States Olympic team did a great job in London, even though they were forced to wear uniforms that were manufactured in China. I guess the point is that you can’t win at everything. With many thanks to all of the great readers out there, The Prepared Ninja enjoyed quite a successful year as well. Here is the top five posts that TPN had to offer in 2012:

1. 21 Things A Burglar Won’t Tell You – The economic and employment situation in America these days is, well…less than ideal. This is making life increasingly difficult for a growing number of individuals and families as the months tick by every year. To combat their money problems, many have taken the approach of doing whatever it takes from working odd jobs to going on government social programs and some have even gone as far as becoming criminals to make ends meet. This new breed of criminals is in addition to your other run of the mill burglars and crackheads that are out there breaking into houses. The following things you should know in order to protect your home but you won’t ever hear them from them from a burglar.

2. Do You Own Forever Foods? – I recently came across an interesting tidbit on the Mother Nature Network about forever foods which I found to be quite intriguing. The premise of forever foods is that certain foods as long as they are properly stored, can literally last for decades. Even after they have been opened! While they might not literally be foods that last forever, they are likely to last far longer than the average person would ever feel comfortable using them. Like all foods, normal storage practices such as placing items in a cool dark place and in air tight containers should be utilized.

3. “Roughing It”…Overcoming Toilet Paper Shortages – A lesser focused on area of preparing for the end of the world/the apocalypse/zombie invasion often involve things that we as Americans take for granted such as having toilet paper to clean up after…ourselves. There are essentially two options, stock up on so much toilet paper that you never run out or come up with the best possible substitutes. This post will serve to highlight some of the best possible substitutes for T.P. that I was able to identify.

4. 11 More Things A Burglar Will Never Tell You – I was so inspired by the post, 21 Things A Burglar Will Never Tell You, that I decided to come up with 11 more things that a burglar would not like for you to know. There is not a source for these ten items other than my mind and the recollection of certain items from previous training and lessons learned. Hopefully they will prove useful, thought-provoking, and perhaps even a little entertaining.

5. North America’s Top Ten Wild Edibles – Whether it all hits the fan some day or not, food is an everyday necessity. Ideally, as preppers, most of us will be adequately prepared if there is a tough time. Factually speaking though, even if you are prepared with a decent amount of food stores, wild edibles can stretch the amount of time that your stored food will last while also adding fresh vitamins/supplements to your meals. If for some reason you, your loved ones or friends are not prepared with appropriate stores of food, wild edibles may be a primary source of food for you during a food shortage. This makes finding, properly identifying, knowing which parts are edible, and how to prepare wild edible plants a must for anyone who plans on surviving in good times and bad.

Thank you all for taking the time to read the best of 2012 and making last year an outstanding one for The Prepared Ninja!

Crime After The Theft: How Burglars Turn Your Stuff Into Cash

By Kevin Raposo of SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

Ever wonder what happens to a home burglary victim’s valuables? We all know that burglars aren’t burglarizing homes to furnish their own home. They’re looking to cash in on their new found booty, but how are they turning your valuables into cold hard cash? We previously had the chance to sit down with a real-life burglar who gave us the lowdown on some inside trade secrets and how to ultimately improve your home security. We thought it would be a good idea to bring him back for another Inside The Mind of A Burglar series, and he’s agreed to give us some more information on what happens to your valuables after a burglary.

Hi, it’s Bob again, your local neighborhood burglar!

Sorry for the hiatus, the summer months are my busiest!. You wouldn’t believe the season I’ve had!

When SimpliSafe asked me back for information for this upcoming article, I thought to myself: “Sure, why not? My last article didn’t seem to be bad for business.” So here’s a little insight into what happens to your stuff after a burglar strikes!

Here’s what happens to your valuables after the burglary:

There is one simple reason I’m breaking into your home: to turn your valuables into cash. I mean, I’m not doing this for my health. This is my living and something needs to pay the bills.

So, you’re wondering where a burglar takes your stuff to convert it into cash. There are a couple of options out there, but we’ll start with the obvious:

The Pawn Shop

Usually one of my first stops after successfully breaking into someone’s home is the pawnshop. I will never go to a pawnshop in the same city of the home I broke into. The last thing I need is someone looking around their city’s pawnshops for the stuff I stole from their house.

Depending where I am, I have good connections with a few shop owners. They know the type of stuff I’m bringing in is not legit. Pawn shops are not the same as they used to be. Back in the day, you could walk into pawn shop, hawk your items, collect your money with no questions asked. Nowadays, you need an ID with every sale. Fortunately for me, I’ve found a way around this: a fake ID.

Some of the stolen items I take into a pawn shop are jewelry, electronics, collectibles, musical instruments, and tools.

Craigslist & Ebay

This can be a valuable resource for me at times. Sometimes, I run into items that I’m unable to sell at a pawn shop, so I take to the internet. There’s always a buyer in cyberspace. The best thing about this is that I never have to provide an ID, and the owner of the item never runs into it at a pawn shop. It’s essentially one of the safest and best options out there. It’s worked for me countless times!

Fencing Operation

This one is rarely known to regular folks like you. A fence is someone who knowingly buys stolen property to later resale. Some of the most common fencing operations you see out there are pawn dealers, mom-and-pop shops, and organized crime groups.

Here’s how it works: They give me a grocery list of items they need, I got out and burglarize homes until I have everything checked off their list. I go back with the items they have requested and they pay me. It’s as simple as that. They demand, I supply. The reason why I prefer dealing with a fencing operation is largely due to the fact that I know what items are hot and what I’ll get top dollar for. This eliminates me wasting my time driving around to pawn shops, or posting items online for sale. The fence does all middleman work for me.

Drug Dealers

There are some burglars out there who give us “professionals” a bad name. I’m talking about the thieves who steal to support their drug habit. These guys aren’t very good at what they do, but hey, they do get the job done, most of the time.

These guys have it somewhat easier or harder depending on how you look at it. The drug-seeking burglar is looking to convert your valuables into cash so they can score a high. Sometimes, they don’t even have to find a way to get cash out of an item. They’ll simply barter or trade with their drug dealer for the drugs they need. The dealer in turn uses his large organized crime network to turn the goods into cash.

Bob’s Final Thoughts

So there you have it, that’s what happens to your stuff if your home is ever burglarized. Tons of people are looking to profit from burglary, and that’s not even including me. A lot of people buy stolen goods without even know they are doing it, and many don’t even really try to find out, which just makes my job easier.

There is a wealth of information about home security that is available from Kevin and SimpliSafe Home Security. Make sure that you follow the link to SimpliSafe and get smart on solutions to keep you and your loved ones safe at home!

This article was reprinted with permission from SimpliSafe Home Security Systems.