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Body Armor For What?

Body Armor For What?

A bullet proof vest is a very useful tool for a wide variety of people. From Police Officers to Soldiers and even civilians, a protective vest can protect against a number of threats and keep you safe in wide variety of situations. Of course, body armors main function is to protect you against firearms and this is certainly of great benefit, particularly as gun crimes continue to be a problem. However, as any good Prepper- or ninja- knows, you should expect the unexpected and body armor can keep you safe against some unusual threats.

Body Armor

As any good ninja will know, any weapon can be fatal in the right hands, and many are fatal even in the wrong hands. Even before you find yourself fighting for survival after a catastrophe, there are many threats to you safety and wellbeing. One such example is cars. Modern Americans rely on cars for almost everything, and American culture is built upon automotives. However, they are responsible for a large number of deaths every year, many of which could have been avoided with the proper preparation.

Kevlar is to body armor as bread is to sandwiches, it is present in nearly all bullet proof vests. DuPont, the maker of this fabric, regularly honors Law Enforcement Officers whose lives have been saved by their product. A significant number of these Officers were involved in otherwise fatal car accidents, saved only by their body armor. This is because materials like Kevlar can absorb and disperse vast amounts of energy, essentially mitigating the impact. This means that in an otherwise deadly car crash, a bullet proof vest could be the difference between life and death.

Of course, if you do find yourself out in the wasteland fighting off raiders and deathclaws, your bullet proof vest may prove less useful. While firearms will naturally be a high priority for anyone after the collapse of society, ammunition will dwindle relatively quickly. You may still be targeted by opportunists and desperate individuals who covet your supplies and well-prepared shelter. These individuals may no longer be armed with guns, but you will need to protect yourself against their attacks.

It may seem unlikely, but even a single solitary rock can kill you – just look at David and Goliath. Even without divine intervention, stones, rocks, and fists can cause a great deal of damage, and require little to no skill to wield. While it may take more than one to kill you, and their range and power are solely dependent on the thrower, they can still kill you. When dealing with the difficulties of post-apocalyptic society you may not see them coming either. This is why you will need body armor, which can absorb and disperse the energy from the impact, keeping you safe from the attack.

Similarly, some may follow the inspiration of popular TV and film characters and equip themselves with a crossbow or bows and arrows. Fortunately, most people will not have the skill or experience to use these effectively. Nevertheless, it only takes one errant shot to kill you, and your bullet proof vest will not be able to prevent it. This is because the sharp point of the bolt or arrow will pass through the minute gaps in the fabric, negating the protection completely. You will therefore require a stab or spike proof vest.

These vests will usually use materials like Kevlar to help mitigate the impact of an attack. However they will also use tough materials like chainmail and/or plastic laminate to stop the fabric from being cut or bypassed. These multi-threat vests will be incredibly useful in the wild in particular, even before the SHTF; animal attacks should never be underestimated, and the teeth, claws, and horns of animals can be potentially fatal. A stab and spike proof vest will help protect you against the worst nature has to offer, again giving you the upper hand.

The materials used in bullet, stab, and spike proof vests are all thinner and lighter than ever before, not to mention incredibly flexible. This means that even high levels of protection can be achieved in a lightweight and thin package, making protective vests all the more comfortable. The immediate advantage of this is in covert vests, which are designed to be worn under clothing. These vests benefit from these discreet materials and allow you to be fully protected without displaying your armor to the world. No good ninja should announce her/his preparation, and this includes your armor. Choosing a covert Kevlar stab and spike proof vest allows you to be discreet, protected, and ready for anything.


Do You Have Body Armor If It Hits The Fan?

There are always a few items on a prepper’s wish list that seem like they would be great to have some day but because of the cost or the particular item being a low priority, they are constantly pushed to the bottom of the list. One of these items for many prepper’s is body armor. This could be because of the cost for some, but body armor has never been more affordable than it is right now. For others it is probably because it just seems like there are better things to do with your money when it comes to getting prepared. I will be the first to agree that there are plenty of basics that should be taken care of prior to getting body armor like a foundation of food, water, shelter, firearms, ammunition, medical supplies, etc.

 So if I think all of these other things are more important, why would I bring up body armor? The answer is simple…you can have the largest stockpile of long term survival supplies in the world and none of it will do you any good if you get waxed trying to defend it. It is also worth mentioning that some government officials believe that the minions they represent are not capable of handling the responsibility of owning body armor. The latest example of this belief is H.R. 5344, the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act introduced by Representative Michael Honda-D of California(SHOCKER!). Ironically, the act has nothing to do with responsibility, it is just a way to regulate who can get their grubby mitts on a set of body armor. If H.R. 5344 were to become law, it would make it unlawful to purchase, own or possess body armor by civilians with the exception of the,

purchase, ownership, or possession by or under the authority of — the United States or any department or agency of the United States; or a State, or a department, agency, or political subdivision of a State; or enhanced body armor that was lawfully possessed by any person at any time before the date this section takes effect.

Basically, if the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act comes to fruition, it means that if you don’t have body armor already, you aren’t going to get it unless you are a chosen member of an elite agency of THE State (like the USDA or EPA, right?) or a State. I see this causing two problems regardless of what the end state is. The most severe problem would be if the law passed and owning body armor became illegal. The lesser problem of the two would be that the proposition does not become law but still places stress on the body armor market in a similar manner as recent attempts at changing gun laws changed the firearms market. This would likely result in greatly decreased availability of body armor and quite possibly higher prices.

There are several reasons that make owning body armor practical for a prepper. Obviously, the avoidance of being shot and killed is a driving factor but is this a reality? Of course it is! Aside from what could happen if there was some sort of societal collapse, there are many events recently that have had the capacity to boil over and become uncontrollable, dangerous situations. Consider how easily someone could have been shot when police were going house to house conducting searches in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Look at what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri right now. These are both extremely volatile situations. Imagine what it might be like if people take to the streets because of a nationwide lack of resources like food and water. Don’t you think people would be a whole lot more upset and probably be more inclined toward violence? My bet is yes.

The good news is that is not too late….yet. There are a couple of immediate steps that can be taken to ensure that you maintain the right to own body armor. The first is to buy a set, or sets, of body armor for you and your loved ones. All of my body armor came from Safeguard Armor and I am incredibly pleased with it. The second step is to help ensure that our rights as citizens remain intact by contacting your elected representatives and let them know that we are not interested in them protecting us by telling us what we can’t do! Many body armor companies also run periodic giveaways like AR500 Armor who is currently giving away three sets of their fully loaded Sentry Plate Carrier packages.