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Are Smart Meters A Danger?

It seems like I have been hearing more and more about smart meters lately. I will be up front in saying that most of what I have heard is not in favor of the use of smart meters, mostly because of the fact that they can gather way too much information about you and your habits. From what I have been able to gather they are far too intrusive and risky but, like what seems to be a lot of things these days, it seems like we are not going to have much say in the matter.

Interestingly enough, if you do a Google search for smart meters, you will find more results of organizations trying to stop the usage and implementation of smart meters than anything else. That says something to me.

You might be thinking…what does this have to do with survival or preparedness? Well, I think that it ties in a couple of ways:

  1. It is important to be aware of potential dangers and threats.
  2. You should know that new technology may not be the best technology or there may at least be some merit to waiting before immediately jumping on the bandwagon.
  3. More likely than not, you need to rely on what you know to be the best decision for you and your loved ones. In many cases, others will not always have your best interests in mind.

I’ll tell you what…the more this kind of stuff happens, the more I want to disappear into a cabin up in the mountains and just escape from society. With all that being said, I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon (if at all) and I might miss a few things that modern life has to offer that is not as scary as a smart meter.

I was sent this infographic and would like to share it with you because I think there is some value in knowing the reality that we face with some of the emerging technology.

Smart Meters

How A Smart Meter Can Shut Off Your Home’s Power [Infographic] – By the team at Jones Oil

WE Own America!

The last couple of days have been a source of disappointment to me. We have a government that has become so corrupt that they would rather see chaos erupt across the nation than compromise. In fact, both parties wanted the government to close. The Republicans want to be able to say, “See, we let the government shut down fighting for the people” and the Democrats want to be able to say, ” The Republicans are such anarchists that they want Americans to die instead of have affordable health care.” Our “representatives” want to be able to play the blame game instead of represent us.

Photo Credit:

For clarification, I don’t think the world is ending because the government is shut down. In fact I think it just demonstrates the fact that the government has become so large that most of it is not necessary. I also do not believe that the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, is a good idea. It is nothing more than an entitlement program. What makes it affordable? Giving those who cannot afford regular insurance subsidies from the tax payers. Nothing more than an expansion of welfare! Enough about that.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the incident with the World War II honor flight veterans yesterday with the veterans that wanted to see their memorial. Upon their arrival they found the World War II memorial was closed because of the government shutdown. Now I know that the story has a “happy ending.” A few representatives of Congress found out about the situation and came to the memorial where they removed the barricades and escorted the veterans into the memorial. Today, there was an increase in the security presence at the memorial to encourage other veterans to stay out. This isn’t about the budget or the shutdown. This is about controlling people. The World War I memorial is not barricaded because there are no living veterans that may try to break into it.

It is ridiculous!!! Why are we empowering the government to control us! This is the people’s property. We bought and paid for it with our tax dollars. President Obama and Speaker Boehner did not pay for the monument. It is ours! Those veterans do not need permission to be there. The government only has the power that we give them. It is time that we let OUR government know that they work for us. WE own America!


A Peek Into The Future? – Guest Post

Is this what the future will bring? Special thanks to a guest for this contribution from their future diary.

July 24th, 2026: Confessions of a Former “Yes We Can” Chanter

It is the slightly stunted growth of Johnny and Susie that bothers me the most. Heck, they’re just children.  I don’t mind – at least not a lot – the constant waiting in long lines for our rations. I know everyone has to do it. Or at least those of us that are not politically connected. I heard a line the other day from an elderly man who had escaped from Communist Poland in the 1980s that struck me as sadly applicable – “When socialism comes to the Sahara, there will even be a shortage of sand.” Here in California, I don’t think we need to worry about a shortage of sand – but perhaps everything else.  Of course, it is only temporary they keep telling us. I didn’t know “temporary” could last so long, but I guess I need to continue to trust our all-knowing leaders.

I often wonder what the Hollywood types think. The other day I listened to yet another speech by Tom Hankers about how our Dear Leader needed – due to the economic crisis – to suspend elections, and how it was for our own good. That’s what all the Hollywooders say, and they must be correct, as that is what the news also says is true. I must admit, though, that I feel a slight bit of resentment as they drive off in their chauffeured limousines. I can only wish I could afford a car, like my parents could in the old days – it makes it difficult to get the kids from my two ex-wives.  I know I shouldn’t feel resentment, of course. Our “Struggle Sessions,” which Governor for Life Jerry Brownlet developed from similar ideas of self-criticism in the Soviet Union, to confess thought crimes which will enable self-criticism, and thus collective rehabilitation, surely has to help sooner or later. It’s just this darned human nature that never seems to be amenable to any of our Dear Leaders’ “solutions.”  Of course, the problem must be within myself….

The other day, after waiting in line for several hours for my free chicken –which of course, is now not a whole chicken, but just a slightly shriveled, deformed chicken wing – I was able to ride my bike over in the rain to apply for one of those “green jobs.”  I know they are extremely hard to get, and you have to be connected to the party to get one, but I have heard non-connected people occasionally get one – though that may only be a rumor. The pay is incredible, and would be 500 times what I make here at Wal-Mart – that is, when they call me to come in and work, which is very rare these days. And… a job like that would help me pay off my student loan in record time, too. Well, I can dream, can’t I!

Of course, that is another regret – the $200,000 in loans that I cannot discharge. That degree in White Male Oppression and Women’s Studies has not been a big hit with the few employers still left out there in the state. However, I am just thankful that they have not yet re-established debtor’s prisons, as they are currently trying to bring in at the California state level. Then again, perhaps the People’s Supreme Court will find it unconstitutional… Oh wait! I keep forgetting…. of course the Constitution was thrown out the same time Dear Leader Obumbler was re-elected for the fourth time. That’s another issue I’ll have to bring up in my self-criticism class. The thing that gets to me a little bit  – though I confess I shouldn’t think like this – is how people like my ex-professor Dr. “Wee Willy” Ayers, who taught my Undocumented Gay Socialist Basket Weavers of the 13th Century class, got to retire at age 51, on full pension. It seems unfair – except that I should not be thinking of what is fair – or even just or true –but rather what is good for the collective.

I saw Comrade Smith the other day – one of my old buddies from our “Yes We Can” chant-in days. He’s totally bald now, and has a large gut – which is strange, given the lack of food around. Perhaps it’s all the GMO food from Monsatan. I hear that new high fructose syrup they now have in 100% of food – as mandated by law – has some genetic material from the albino Sri Lankan platypus that is causing obesity, and a shorter lifespan. It is strange how he was so cool and “groovy” at the time. He was one of the top chanters in our group – now he seems so…. well, decrepit. Sometimes, in my heart of hearts, I wonder if this is how an ex-Nazi Youth member must have felt in, say, 1960, after WWII.  But, I had better not let those thoughts get out to anyone! That could be dangerous. And come think of it, I had better watch how I even think, as this might be reflected on my face, which the street cameras, or cameras on the police drone dirigibles overhead might pick up. That would put me away for 10 -20 in one of those North Dakota re-education camps. And besides, buddy John told me the North Koreans they now have running those camps are not pleasant. Or at least less pleasant than the old State Self-Criticism Inquistors (STASI) folks running the place were.

Well, enough for today’s diary. Doing this with pen and paper, as if I do it electronically, that “new/improved” fusion center in Cedar Bluff UT –which I hear now takes up 50 square miles, and which even monitors when my toaster is on – will surely pick this up via my IP address (I hear IP v8 was developed specifically for snooping and keeping track of “citizens,” as well as monitoring those RFID chips under those tattooed numbers under our skin). Boy, Nancy Pelosi sure wasn’t joking when she said a few years ago that, Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventoryof how we are taking responsibility.”

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. But probably not.

New Gun Control Amendment???

Thank you to J.V. for this great piece of satire that highlights the current political climate of the U.S.S.A.


Late Breaking Gun Control Amendment Annouced Over Weekend

In a late-breaking story over the weekend, Sen. Chuck Scheamer (Communist-NY) announced the latest addition to his gun control amendment, called the “Let’s Use the Kids as a Propaganda Stage Props to Destroy the 2nd Amendment.” While commenting during the press announcement that “You’ll have to pass the bill to find out what is in it,” the 8,497 page amendment – drafted by the Young Pol Pots of America Organization, a division of – did indicate that one significant section of the bill will include the “Running with Scissors” provision (Section 9,834b, Part 835, Subsection 998, Sub-Sub Section 89b34c2).


Addressing lamestream reports Tuesday, Sen. Scheamer, flanked by a cadre of 9 year olds dressed in Hugo Chavez red, stated: 


It is high time we stopped the carnage in our schools caused by kids running with scissors. And we must also outlaw all scissors even with rounded edges as well, simply because the sharp cutting edges could also injure someone. My legislation will mandate 10 – 20 years in Leavenworth for any child caught coming to school with any pair of scissors or other cutting equipment. In keeping with precedent, we have, however, made an exception for children of cronies such as “The Don” Corzine, owners of Solyndra, and similar.


This bill is expected to contain similar language to the “Let’s Jail the 9 Yr. Old Girls Selling Lemonade on Street Corners” bill, passed last year by the Socialist Workers’ Dystopia of Kalifornia.


Additionally, representatives inside the Scheamer camp, speaking off the record, indicated that a subsequent bill, the “5 Year Olds Eating Paste Bill” – designed to criminalize more children – is expected to pass the Democrud Senate National Security subcommittee shortly as well. Dept. of Homeland Security czar Jannut Mussolini-Napolitana indicated a “paste detection system,” manned by the TSA, and created by ObummerCronies Inc., should be in all schools by start of school year, 2014.

What I Will Do When They Come To My Door – Guest Post

Last weeks manhunt in Boston for the suspected marathon bombers has America spinning. Freedom loving Americans are upset at the implementation of martial law while the liberal side of the United States (and ironically, those who still do not realize martial law was occurring) want to know why more wasn’t done. This creates the perfect environment to implement peaceful resistance and attempt to create accountability should the government try to oppress the citizens of the greatest nation on the earth again.

Thank you to our guest author for having the intestinal fortitude to put into words, what many of us are thinking.

What I Will Do When The Police State Arrives At My Door

Those of us who value the Constitution, as well as the inalienable freedom that is all of ours as a native birthright, have watched in horror as barely restrained paramilitary-style police squads, complete with light tanks, locked down much of the city of Boston over one – admittedly dangerous – teenager with a gun (and perhaps a few pipe bombs). Many have seen the videos of people being herded out of their homes that – truth be told – is reminiscent of what was seen as Germany descended into chaos in the 1930s. If you missed the video evidence, it is here:


These are just two examples. The truth is that if the blue state Boston populace had been more fully armed (and come to think of it, an AR-15 just might have been the perfect weapon for family defense, had the bombers attempted to perhaps take a family hostage), or if the Boston population had had the same courage as their forebears 200 years ago, the two bombers would not have made it very far at all. And as a matter of fact, ultimately, the fugitive was discovered by a citizen, in any event!

I am not here disparaging the police or military one iota. My nephew is a Marine. I believe in a strong Constitutionally-based national defense. It just so happens that my immediate neighbor is a former Marine and recently retired State Trooper who is a staunch Constitutionalist, and one of the most honorable, upright, common-sensical people I have ever met (as well as a very good friend), and also an exemplar of all that is good and right with the military and police. Rather, my concern is the political culture above them that is forcing many of these individuals to violate what is still the law of the land, as well as violate their consciences. I am not advocating violation of any law or statute – in fact, as you will see below, I am advocating a strict adherence to the law as it is written.

As our absentee father, relative ethics oriented, ends justify the means culture continues to devolve into a coarse parody of what the Founding Fathers envisaged, the Constitution – which is still the law of the land, and which our elected officials, military and police all take an oath to uphold – I think there are things we can do. Things that are creative, intelligent, and effective. Here is one suggestion for your consideration. Of course, consult your local laws to make sure everything you do is legal, non-fattening, and politically correct (e.g., you would not want to attempt the below in NYC, especially while holding an illegal 16 oz. Big Gulp in your hand!)

First, when another Boston situation “goes down”, I am going to make SURE I have deputized neighbors to be filming (as in the first video noted above), or have someone in the house with a cell camera that automatically uploads as it films. This is key, otherwise this process won’t work.

If the military or police come to my door, I will raise my hands high in the air, proving I am not a threat (this is for your safety, as well as the officer’s who also may have a family at home waiting for him), while at the same time informing them that I do not consent to a search, citing my 4th Amendment rights. I will not be confrontational or in-your-face with my attitude, but calmly ask for their name, badge number, and to speak with their leader. I will also let them know that any act of unprovoked violence on their part may possibly constitute a crime – or if the military, a war crime, a la My Lai. I do indeed have a very deep respect for law enforcement – however, the key is that law enforcement must remain within the confines of duly legislated laws, as determined by the democratic process – and of which the 4th Amendment is still a part. Otherwise, they are no better than, say, the badged thugs who harassed the civil rights marchers in the South half a century ago. 

I will then – enunciating my words so people videotaping this can lip read, if necessary – turn my back to them, while continuing keeping my arms raised. And – assuming I have the guts, which I pray I will, I would then tell them to “shoot me in the back” if they wish, but I do not consent to a search, based on the 4th Amendment. I will also let them know they are in violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution, and by shooting me in the back, they, themselves, may well be found guilty of murder, and jailed.

I may volunteer to let one of them in, just to out of courtesy, if I am so inclined. That is if they are concerned some “bad guy” may truly be in there, but it will be MY choice. I will let them know I am not trying to be recalcitrant at all, but rather concerned about the erosion of our freedoms, which in fact these terrorist acts are attempting to take from us as one of their primary objectives. 

The ACLU – which is a bad organization 95% of the time – does have a smart phone app that uploads video as it is being filmed, but there are other apps out there that do the same thing.

The iPhone software can be found here and for Android operating systems, go here.  

As for using the ACLU app, why not use evil against evil? About time they did one thing of value for the country. I would let the police know this real time video is being conducted, so they are on record. Or to quote the leftists, who have done so much damage to this country, they need to know, “The whole world is watching.” Doing the above would ensure authorities can’t mysteriously “lose” (see “Jon Corzine and $1.6 billion dollars” if you need further clarification for the word “lose”!) the camera, or it is taken from you. In sum, I am being non-violent, co-operative (hey, I truly want the bad guy caught too!), but also protecting my rights and the Constitution.   


Look, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, so I am only half “free and brave” – where are the rest of those who are “full bloods,” who speak about the “land of the free and home of the brave?” But my goal is not even mildly precipitous. Rather, the above allows us to address a looming darkness in the land, yet be in full compliance with the law. Or, as we were advised 2,000 years ago, we need to be wise as a serpent, yet gentle as doves.  Here is a way to do exactly that. Think of doing this as “Saul Alinsky anti-matter” or Kryptonite to the left. As the late Christian rock artist Larry Norman once said, “Why should the Devil have all the good music?” Similarly, why should evil get to use all the creative ideas? Here’s one that does just that. And you can amend, mix and match, alter, modify, or whatever else you want, to my suggestions. Just get active, get creative, and communicate with others.