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Political Correctness Must Prevail!

A friend of mine sent this to me and I thought it was worth passing along…

Recently, the owner of the Washington Redskins has come under attack for the racially insensitive name of his team. Political correctness mandates that I agree with our offended Native American population, and that the name, and well as awe-inspiring team logo, which honors Indians as incredible warriors, is nevertheless offensive to the delicate nature of the formerly hardy, self-sufficient Indians (who now, after years of government “nannying” would be afraid to even see a picture of a buffalo!) Thus, in the keeping with the politically correct dictates of our speech and thought police, I would like to humbly suggest we change the names of the following sports teams:

To begin with, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians should be first out the door. If “Redskins” is offensive to those with red skin, certainly the Cleveland Browns would offend a number of racial groups; and worse, it will also offend many white people who spend too much time at the beach this summer. It is for the public good that all these names must be eliminated.

Carolina Panthers? There could be some concern that this evokes the memory of militant Blacks from the 60’s, but thankfully, we needn’t worry about sensitivities of white people. That name can stay.

The New York Yankees certainly offend the Southern population. What team do you see named for the Confederacy? Any teams from Florida or Georgia named the “Robert E. Lees” or the Bull Runs? The Civil War was tragic, costing millions of young lives and leaving the south devastated. “Yankees” is an insult to any one living south of the Mason-Dixon line, and we simply cannot allow a team name that thumbs its nose at millions of sensitive southerners, who had nothing to do with that war.  It is time to put the past in the past. The Yankees need to walk a mile in the moccasins of all the other sports monikers, and – like the Redskins – take a hike off the nearest buffalo jump.

The delicate minds of atheists are clearly insulted by names like the New Orleans Saints, the Los Angeles Angels or the San Diego Padres. Cultural sensitivity, as well as the new official religion of the U.S., humanism, demands that we rename them the New Orleans Agnostics, the Los Angeles Humanists and – in a nod to cross-sport equality and the unfair state of under-represented women in the NFL –  the San Diego Feminists.

The Oakland Raiders, the Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Pittsburgh Pirates? To protect our children, these teams, which are named after groups which raped, pillaged and – horrors! – used muskets, must be banned, and all references to them scrubbed from any historical records. The newly formed Dept. of Homeland Language Police should be empowered to scour all public and private communications to root out any reference to these names.

The San Diego Chargers are particularly dangerous, in that they clearly promote the frivolous use of Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. It is vital that our children be protected from running up credit card debt, in order that they can instead run up student debt later, amounting to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Otherwise, how would our leftist university profs get to retire at 50, while taking summers off and bi-yearly sabbaticals?

The New York Giants and the San Francisco Giants are too closely tied to the rampant epidemic of childhood obesity, and should be changed. A more fitting name, I humbly suggest, is the San Francisco Rainbows and the New York Madoffs. In keeping with the Madoff motif, the Jets should be renamed the Ponzis. And what about the Chicago White Sox? This name is dangerously close to implying only white people wear sox, but could also be interpreted as offensive to us who don’t do laundry very often. Though perhaps a bit wordy, my suggestion is to rename them “The Sox Got Lost in the Dryer” – although that could offend Maytag repairmen.

Meanwhile, hockey teams have a slew of offensive names. Here are a few:

Pittsburgh Penguins – Penguins are already under threat due to global warming. We need to can the name, and replace it with something that  addresses the issue in a positive, politically correct manner, such as the Pittsburgh Gores (double entendre intentional).

Chicago Blackhawks – another offensive Indian name. I suggest the Chicago Corruptocrats.

St Louis Blues – anyone who has experienced a clinical depression should be outraged at this name. That is, if they could actually find the energy to get out of bed and write an outraged letter.

Columbus Blue Jackets – see issue with offensiveness to southerners. Perhaps since Columbus is so close to the Mason-Dixon line, we could make the simple name change of the Columbus Bluegray Jackets.

LA Kings – we fought a war to get rid of King George. I am outraged that we bring the name back. Obviously this is a covert attempt to reinstate the monarchy. Same with the KC Royals in baseball.

NJ Devils – too satanic, along with the Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards in basketball. The names are also an utter outrage to materialists.

Buffalo Sabres – this name clearly might incite school violence. If a kid can get expelled for biting a pop tart into the shape of a gun, or a 6 year old girl get thrown out of school for bringing a pink bubble gun to class, this name has to go, too. We can’t police our kids enough to make sure they are exposed to anything dangerous (Monsanto approved GMO food excepted).

Minnesota Wild: Wrong message to our vulnerable youth. Most principals I have polled chose the Minnesota Milquetoasts.

More names leftists want banned: Nashville Predators: Too close to being the Nashville Sexual Predators. Another name that simply has to go. Calgary Flames –could incite arson. We cannot take that risk. And the Carolina Hurricanes – haven’t we suffered enough with hurricanes Katrina and Sandy?  I propose the Carolina “Beach Weathers.”

In basketball, the Utah Jazz offends all us classical music lovers, while the Pacers are in insult to those in wheelchairs. Minnesota Timberwolves? The name makes light of a threatened species. The Celtics insult all the Irish,  and for all those that can’t swim, the LA Lakers are an incredibly insensitive insult. The San Antonio Spurs encourage violence against innocent horses, and I cannot think of the Houston Rockets without severe psychological duress, remembering the space shuttle.

On the upside, if we get rid of these all those baseball teams noted above, the Cubs just might have a chance. OK… maybe they still won’t. But it’s worth a shot.  And thankfully, for basketballs’s Milwaukee Bucks,  while the name is fine, they are just an insult to good basketball and their play is offensive. Dump  ‘em and move the team into a  local high school girls softball, slo-pitch team.

My suggestion: Let’s utilize some politically correct names that would really strike fear into the hearts of opponents, such as:

The Chicago Obama Drones

The LA Dioxins

The Seattle Sea Level Risers

The New York Anthropogenic Global Warmers

The California PCBs

The Boston Glyphosates (active ingredient in Roundup)

The Philadelphia Kermit Gosnells (or perhaps the Philly Abortionists?)

The Chicago Cubs? Since they are never competitive anyway, why not rename them the Chicago Socialists?

St. Louis hockey? Keeping with the color theme, change their name from the Blues to the Red Dye #2s.

And finally, in basketball, how about the Miami Agent Oranges – nice double entendre for any high school kid who actually is able to read after going through years of the Common Core curriculum.

Distant Hoofbeats: Western Refusniks & the End of Fascism

The following is a guest contribution from J.R. I will admit, his chosen vocabulary is beyond my everyday comprehension and I needed to look up a few word definitions, but the theory is sound; we will not ever achieve self-sufficiency or survive our chosen way of life as long as there are those who think they need to decide what is best for us, instead of allowing us the freedoms endowed to us by God.

Distant Hoofbeats: Western Refusniks and the End of Fascism

Scarely a day goes by, in which you and I don’t read about some outrage by the leftist police state against the Constitution and our basic human freedoms, as understood going as far back as the Magna Carta. The days seem very black – and indeed, they are very black. Fascism – the term here not used as a slur, but as defined by both Mussolini, as well as Webster’s Dictionary, denoting the merger of the socialist state and large, co-opted organizations – runs rampant uber alles. Profits are privatized for connected cronies, and losses are assigned to the shrinking middle class.

Is there any hope?

In a word, yes… possibly. There just may be some hoofbeats sounding in the distance that will draw nearerer and nearer – if we continue to do our part locally – what duties are right here in front of us, today, here and now. The media gatekeepers, of course, will utter nary a peep about these distant hoofbeats, so don’t look for reports of this in the “lamestream” media. In fact, this very sound portends their demise as well, so perforce they will suppress this gathering maelstrom against them at all costs. Nevertheless, as the servant of the biblical prophet Elijah reported back to him during similarly bleak times in ancient Israel as he battled evil there, there is indeed – if you look closely enough – a cloud in the distance. It is today, as it was then, as small as a man’s hand – but it is growing.

I am not saying you will agree with each of these people I cite below. I am saying that there is a growing discontent and blowback, from people across the spectrum against the controllers – and most tellingly, there are many refusniks (this term is from the Soviet era, regarding people who decided to not go along with the Soviet charade) out of the group of people formerly either siding with the controllers, or who actually were numbered amongst the controllers,  and who have now changed sides.

Anyone who can fog a mirror is aware of Eric Snowden (yes, you are correct – perhaps a third of Americans walking the streets may not be able to actually pass that test, but you get my point). And here is the question that has the controllers – just like their Soviet forebears – quaking in their boots: Who is next, and how can they ultimately stop people from defecting?

Let me provide a small sample of those riders in the distance, even if the troop has not emerged out of the blue horizon just yet:

Karen Hudes: Former counsel to the World Bank, Hudes now claims the US government has been co-opted by a global corporatists (and please note, I am drawing a very definite division between fascist corportism and its complete opposite, classic capitalism as envisaged by Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises and others). See this summary account of Hudes’ “global conspiracy” or even better, go to YouTube and search for “Karen Hudes whistleblower.”  Listen to her speak for herself.

Sharyl Attkisson: Ms. Attkisson, was formally an award winning journalist on CBS, aka the “Constantly Barack Show.” Unfortunately, she had the temerity to follow the facts where they led, relative to the Benghazi cover up. After multiple insults to her professional standing – including having her computer hacked, Attkisson left or was pushed out. A few accounts include this one by CBS and this YouTube video, The Ulsterman Report also has a fine summary of the issue. Or do your own research, by simply googling her name. In fact, Bob Woodward, who uncovered Watergate, is also comparing the Benghazi story Atkissson was following to – well… Watergate. Here he is in his own words on the topic.

John Perkins: Perkins wrote Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and is yet another refusnik who once came from the upper echelons of the moneyed controllers, but deserted the ranks. Here he is in just one of his interviews. There is debate surrounding Perkins’ bona fides, so if you wish, throw out his testimony and move on to others here whose credentials are clearly impeccable.

Julian Assange and Bradley Manning: No, I don’t agree with them in many respects either, and there are instances where national security needs to be protected. However, the point is that from across the spectrum, people are opting for greater transparency and democratic control, not control of the hoi polloi by the self – proclaimed elite – and that is a good thing.

William Binney: Binney was a senior NSA manager turned whistleblower, and he – along with Russell Tice below – is one of the most important refusniks outlined in this article. Simply go to YouTube and search for his name – there are many, many interviews with this important man, exposing how the Constitution – the one human document that has arguably brought more human felicity and prosperity than any other document penned in history – has been co-opted and shredded. Binney was the person who actually created a good portion of the NSA infrastructure – and yet he had second thoughts, and is now a committed foe against unconstitutional over-reach.

Russell Tice: Tice is another senior member whistle blower from the NSA, who likes the Constitution over the police state. He notes that the NSA was spying on Colin Powell when he was leading our military, senior leadership in Congress, the Supreme Court, generals and admirals, and many more.

Nomi Prins: Ex-Goldman Sachs managing direct Nomi Prins who also worked for Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and Chase Manhattan Bank, has also defected. Prins, who wrote All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power speaks with Greg Hunter hereAnd of all those banker “suicides” of the past few months, how many were actually murders? That is, murders of other people who were having second thoughts 

Pippa Malmgren: Dr. Pippa Malmgren, former White House official who was Special Assistant to the President of the United States for Economic Policy and a former member of the U.S. President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, also known as the Plunge Protection Team; formerly headed the Global Asset Management business for Bankers Trust in Asia, out of Hong Kong, and was also Chief Currency Strategist for Bankers Trust Company, and former Head of Global Investment Strategy at UBS. Dr. Malmgren was also a senior consultant to Deutsche Bank, and currently advises the largest sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, and pension funds in the world. While not defecting to the other side in full, at least in her interview with King World News she certainly appears to have issues with the “powers that be.”

A few other refusniks including singer Tina Turner, Facebook founder Eduardo Saverin, filmmaker Terry Gilliam and songwriter-socialite Denise Rich, all of whom have renounced their U.S. citizenship in the past few years. Personal shows they are just part of a growing cadre that are voting to leave the Orwellian Workers’ Paradise with their feet.

In fact, Americans are leaving the country at record speed and the annual rate of expatriation is growing as over 150,000 Americans departed the former land of liberty for greener pastures overseas in the past year of 2013. There are now over five million Americans who are choosing to live outside the United States.

Daily Reckoning’s new investment director, Paul Mampilly, who formerly managed a $23 billion mutual fund, is also a perfect exemplar who has defected from the side of fascism. Peter Coyne quotes him as saying, “I could be making 5-10 times what I’m making right now. But do you want to know why I left Wall Street? Because back in 2008, nobody was making any money. Except, of course, for the guys on the Street. Outside, people were losing their jobs… their homes… their savings. No one on the inside seemed to have a problem with it. I simply did not think it was fair or right.” Mampilly is clear evidence of English philosopher/theologian Os Guiness’ dictum that while all philosophies might be arguable, not all are livable. And it is this dictum that is the death knell over the controllers fascist state.

One more interesting refusnik for your consideration. Rosa Koire, a Democrat and lesbian from San Francisco, is the founder of . Yes really! Here she is speaking out against one of the primary vehicles by which the controllers wish to gain their hegemony over us poor, unwashed masses, by agency of the horrific neo-communist Agenda 21. When a Democrat lesbian from San Francisco  abandons the Orwellian nanny state ship, there is indeed something afoot.

The above is just a mere smattering of a few who have jumped ship. My goal in this article is not to be comprehensive, but rather just provide a small sampling for your reference. There are many roads leading to the abandonment of the Cult of the Brobdignagian State, but what is encouraging, is that these roads are becoming more and more crowded with those exiting… and I believe that, if one observes very closely, you can not only hear hoof beats from distant horses, but if I’m not mistaken, you can actually see the dust rising from their galloping towards you.

The reality is that, while man is imperfect, we have also all been furnished with an internal compass that cannot be violated, unless we wish to erode the very thing that makes us human. As early as Cain and Abel, Cain could not but help hearing the very blood of his brother whom he slew calling out from the ground against him. There are others today hearing that voice. Let’s do what we can to amplify expression.

A Few Questions

Earlier today I was asked a few questions that caused me to stop and think about the political climate that we are coping with here in the United States. It makes me wonder if the government is truly acting in the interests of WE the people as a whole, or doing what they can to produce the votes that will keep them in office. I thought the questions were worth posting here.

1. We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a FEW lunatics.

2. We constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money? What’s interesting is the first group “worked for” their money, but the second didn’t.

3. Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, eliminating pay raises for our military and cutting our army to a level lower than before WWII, but we are not stopping the payments to illegal aliens. This is what illegal’s receive monthly: $1500.00 per child, $500 for housing, Food Stamps, Free education including college and the right to vote.

Interesting, right? What are your thoughts?

The Clock Is Ticking…

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Is A Collapse Imminent?

Just to be clear, I am not a fan of fear mongers and those who prey on the insecurities of others. When I saw this chart last night though it made me wonder if some of those who preach about an imminent collapse may have something behind their claims. The chart outlines a scary parallel between the current state of the Dow Jones Industrial Average as it currently sits in comparison to the time leading up to the stock market collapse in 1929 that triggered what we know as the Great Depression.

This chart came from an article that originally appeared on and offers some interesting insight into the economic situation that our country is currently in. It is worth the time to read.

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