Basic Emergency Medical Kit

Basic disaster preparedness includes being ready to react to a medical emergency.  Every segment of your emergency preps should include a basic medical kit at a minimum.  This includes a kit for the house, cars, work, camping equipment, boat, motorhome, cabin, retreat, etc. as they are applicable.  The point of writing this post is to outline a list of items that should be in a basic medical kit.  I certainly will not be able to think of every possibility but the hope is that the contents of this basic emergency medical kit will assist an injured person until additional help can be received.  Your kit will need to be tailored to your individual needs and the number of people that may need to be taken care of with each kit.  As a result of these variances the home medical kit is usually the largest while your other kits will be smaller in size and possibly contain a few less items than the larger kits.  In addition to the contents of your emergency med kits you should also try to find a good reference book that provides a basic knowledge of first aid and that you can easily understand.  Additionally if you have the opportunity to take a training class such as those offered by the American Red Cross, I would encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.  There is no replacement for quality training by highly qualified personnel.  The following list that I put together is based on what I thought would be suitable numbers for two people.


Hemorrhage Control

(1) Emergency Trauma Dressing

(4) 4 X 4 Gauze Pads

(8) 2 X 2 Gauze Pads

(1) Eye Pad

(2) Kerlix (Roller Gauze)

(2) Nonadherant Dressing – 3” X 4”

(1) Ace Bandage – 6”

(1) Medical Tape – 1”

(12) Band-Aids – Assorted

Wound Management

(1) Irrigation Syringe – 60cc or <

(3) Steri-Strips – Assorted

(10) Alcohol Pads

(1) Moleskin – 3” X 6”

(10) Antiseptic Towelettes

(5) Nitrile Exam Gloves – Pair

OTC Meds

(12) Acetaminophen (Tylenol) – 325mg

(12) Ibuprofen (Motrin) – 200mg

(12) Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) – 25mg

(1) Lip Balm – Tube

(1) Antibiotic Ointment (Neosporin) – Tube


(1) Trauma Shears

(1) Forceps (Removal of Foreign Objects, Splinters, or Ticks)

(1) SAM Splint

(2) Triangular Bandage & Safety Pins

(1) Space Blanket

(1) Case for BEMK

Prescription Meds – 72 Hour Supply