All you peanut butter lovers out there had better think about making it to the store sooner as opposed to later.  For those that have not heard by now, due to poor weather conditions and not enough peanuts being planted in the first place, the cost of this years peanut supply to peanut butter producers is double what it was last year.  So what does this mean to you?  Peanut butter companies like Jif and Skippy are saying that price hikes in the 30% to 40% range should occur in less than a month or so.  It is also likely that these name brand products are going to be the most available as some store brands are discontinued because of the shortage.  Jif has already narrowed their product line by removing some of their expanded offerings like their honey infused peanut butter.  I have already gone out and purchased enough PB to go with my J and I would encourage you to do the same before it becomes cheaper to have caviar and jelly sandwiches.