Why Advertise With The Prepared Ninja?

  • The Prepared Ninja is an influential blog in the survival and preparedness niche that continues to grow on a regular basis. Not only do subscriber and visitor numbers increase on a monthly basis but social media followers and shares are continually rising as well.
  • The Prepared Ninja is listed on several ‘Top Prepper’ listings that include:, Surivival Pulse’s Top 50 Survival Blogs,’s Runners Up, and’s 20 Must Read Prepper Websites
  • All content that appears on The Prepared Ninja is fed to the Before It’s News Network.
  • Member of the Prepared Blogger’s Network, a network of professional preparedness bloggers who share common goals to increase awareness of preparedness.
  • Personal Liberty Digest features a survival column by The Prepared Ninja every month.
  • Content from The Prepared Ninja is regularly shared by well known survival sites including:
  1. Prepper Website
  2. Survival Pulse
  3. Survival Blog
  4. Survival Life
  5. Lew Rockwell
  6. SHTF Plan

Advertising Terms & Rates

Advertising opportunities on The Prepared Ninja are available but are limited to 12 positions. All ads are fixed in a single position on the site and do not rotate. Your advertisement will appear on every page!

The image(s) featured in all advertisements will be hosted by The Prepared Ninja without exception.

All ads featured are 200 pixels by 200 pixels.


Ad rates are based on the position where they appear on the site. The minimum time that an ad can be purchased for is 3 months. Discounts are applied for terms greater than 3 months at the rate of 10% for a 6 month term and 20% for a 12 month term.

The cost of advertising can also be paid for by the barter of goods or services.

The current monthly rates are as follows:

Left Sidebar

  • Top Position – Not Available
  • 2nd Position – $70
  • 3rd Position – $65
  • 4th Position – $60
  • 5th Position – Not Available
  • 6th Position – $50
  • 7th Position – Not Available

Right Sidebar

  • Top Position – Not Available
  • 2nd Position – $50
  • 3rd Position – $45
  • 4th Position – $40
  • 5th Position – $35

Design Services

While I am not a graphic designer, I can design an ad for your company if that is your preference as long as you have the graphics you would like to use and some idea as to what the ad should say. Design rates start at $25 for a basic ad. My only warning is that you might get what you pay for!


Any advertising inquiries or questions can be directed to Tom at


It is important to only place ads on the site that are appropriate and pertinent to the readers of The Prepared Ninja. With that being said, every ad is subject to editorial approval not only for the ad content itself but also the page and/or links to which the ad is directed to.

If at any point in time an ad is found to be irrelevant, offensive, or outside of the original terms of agreement, it will be removed and a pro-rated refund may be issued to the advertiser. All advertising considerations will be at the sole discretion of The Prepared Ninja. This policy applies to banner advertisements, embedded links, email campaigns, sponsored posts, and all other forms of advertising employed on the site.

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