A True American Hero

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

John 15:13

This is what Chris Kyle exemplified, not only in his willingness to stand up and do everything that his country asked of him but ultimately giving his life trying to help a fellow veteran that many Americans would have readily thrown onto the pile of unviable, “war damaged” minds. Chris never quit and he never gave up.

Thank you for your life of service Chief Petty Officer Christopher Scott Kyle……

Chris Kyle

One response to “A True American Hero”

  1. What words could man say that would make it count, Only God can say what man’s life is worth, But if we were to say he was a Hero in our time, one that requires no payment for his deeds, doesn’t seek fame and fortune, his only requirement is to serve his fellow man, There would be someone that would find fault with him, unless he was a baby killer, did drugs, was always drunk, had a police record, ran for Democratic office are a liberal, then the Media would give him the notice they think he would want. He wasn’t a sports person, he wasn’t a actor, he wasn’t one to draw attention to his self he did what was required of him, Granted it wasn’t a job that he looked forward to but he understood how important it was and did it with the expertise of a skilled surgeon, Will he be remembered as a Hero are will he be remembered as a Killer with issues, time will tell but it will be up to us the people who lives he saved to keep him alive and to spread the word that the real hero’s are the ones that remain to be unseen.

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