A Prepper’s Holiday Wish List

A Prepper’s Holiday Wish List:

A Gift For Every Prepper, From A Person On Any Budget

This year I wanted to put together a list of gift ideas that you can either get for the prepper in your life, the person that you want to help be more prepared, or even for yourself. I felt that it was also important to make sure that there were options for every budget. On that note, don’t skip out after reading the first few ideas. This post wraps up with a few ideas that can be gifted free of cost.

Stocking Stuffers/Gift Ideas Less Than $10

  1. 100 Feet of Paracord – $6.83 – $8.49 (If you don’t know how versatile and strong paracord is, you probably haven’t used it before.)
  2. Microlight – $9 (Have a portable source of light on your keys, belt loop, or just about anywhere you can imagine at all times.)
  3. Heatsheet Emergency Blanket – $3.67 (A must for everyone regardless of whether you lose power in the house or get stranded in the woods or car. Don’t get caught without one.)
  4. WetFire Fire Starting Tinder – $7.95 (Start a fire even when these tinder cubes are soaking wet.)
  5. Emergency Trauma Dressing – $9.95 (The trauma dressing of choice for US military forces, police departments, and preppers everywhere!)

Gift Ideas Between $10 & $100

  1. Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.) $60.49
  2. PurifiCup Portable Natural Water Purifier – $32.45 (Compact, portable way to purify water.)
  3. Gerber Camp Axe – $50
  4. Woodsman’s Pal – $60 (“A machete with the power of an axe”)
  5. First Aid Kit – $12 – $30 (A necessity for every prepper.)
  6. The Self-Sufficient Life and How To Live It Book – $35 (A how to guide for living self-sufficiently.)
  7. Pressure Handwasher – $49.95 (Never need power to wash your clothes again!)

Gift Ideas That Are More Than $100

  1. Big Berkey Water Filter – $209 (Never be without clean water.)
  2. BioLite Campstove – $129 (A campstove and gadget charger in one!)
  3. Portable Generator – $395 (Create power any where!)
  4. Handheld GPS – $110 (Know anyone that can’t leave the streets for fear of getting lost?)
  5. AR-7 Survival Rifle – $235 (A collapsible .22 Long Rifle that is perfect for the survivalist in your life.)

Gift Ideas That Are FREE!

  1. Emergency Contact Roster – A list of emergency contacts such as family members in close proximity, local utility and service providers, out-of-area contacts, and other contacts that may be useful.
  2. Evacuation Maps – A variety of routes from a residence or workplace to a safe place(s). Look at routes that avoid highly populated areas as well as routes that go in different directions from each location toward each destination.
  3. A List of Recommended Emergency Preparedness Items – Food, Water, Security, Medical Supplies, Personal Hygiene, Tools, Etc.
  4. A List of Useful Websites/Resources – Sources of valuable information about preparedness and survival to share with anyone from the newbie prepper all the way to that “crazy” uncle who lives in a cave and seems to know everything.

While the holidays in my opinion should not be about gifts, (it is a time to come together as friends and family, appreciate all that we have to be thankful for, and if you so believe, celebrate the birth of Christ) the chance to help friends and loved ones be prepared is a rewarding opportunity. If you will be giving gifts it is far better to give a gift that has actual value versus a gift that seems nice but will not actually bring value to someone’s life.

What gift ideas do you have for the preparedness minded person in your life?

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