9 Meals From Chaos

9 Meals From Chaos

Yesterday I was listening to an interview featuring Jim Cobb on the Survivalist Prepper Surviving Mondays Podcast and there was a quote that really hit home for me. I am very familiar with the concept of just in time inventory and the fact that the average grocery store has only three days worth of food in stock. This is at normal buying rates and does not reflect that if there is word of a disaster, the shelves will be cleared off in a few hours. What really put this into perspective for me is that while listening to Jim’s interview with Dale and Lisa, he said that we are only nine meals away from chaos at any given time.

That statement just really hit me. When you stop and think about it, nine meals is not that many at all. It is pretty scary. The obvious solution is to make sure that you have enough food stored to not have to fall prey to the need to run out to the store when a storm is forecast. But even if you do your part, there are others who will not be prepared. I guess the answer to this falls into two parts, plant the idea of preparedness with as many people as possible and have a plan to protect what’s yours in the event anyone ever comes after it.

You can listen to Jim’s interview with Dale and Lisa by following this link to the Survivalist Prepper Podcast. If you are interested in Jim Cobb’s  books, they can be found in most major book stores or on Amazon.com. I also recently reviewed Jim’s latest book, Urban Emergency Survival Plan.

On another note, since Dale and Lisa launched the Survivalist Prepper Podcast, it has been the one podcast in the survival and preparedness arena that I listen to consistently. I think that it is the straight forward delivery style and common sense approach that I appreciate. If you are into podcasts, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is a great way to break up a drive and I would much rather listen to a podcast instead of the same five songs on the radio over and over again.

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