10 Essential Foods To Include In Your Food Storage – Guest Post

Hey, Preppers! It’s almost Summer. That means increased chances of heat waves, wildfires, monsoons and hurricanes. So, what have you done to prepare for such disasters? Well, we’re here to help you be prepared by starting your food storage.

When starting your food storage, experts suggest keeping things simple. That means beginning with your most immediate needs. We’ve put together a prepper’s list which contains items required to meet those needs. Feel free to print it out and take it with you when you go shopping. You can even print out copies to pass out to your loved ones for their food storage.

10 Food Storage Essentials

The list below contains 10 essential foods you should include in your food storage. Our calculations are based on the needs of one person, for six months. These products can be purchased at your local supermarket. All of them can have a very long shelf life, as long as they’re stored properly.

  1. Wheat or White Flour – 10 lbs – It would be best to store both for variety.
  2. Rice – 20 lbs – White rice has a longer shelf life than brown rice. But, both is best.
  3. Beans – 20 lbs – For larger quantities, pinto beans are recommended.
  4. Sugar – 5 lbs – Granulated sugar stores quite well if sealed tightly.
  5. Salt – 2 lbs – This is a multipurpose product for emergency preppers.
  6. Cooking Oil – 1 gallon
  7. Powdered Milk – 5 lbs
  8. Baking Soda – 1 lb
  9. Baking Powder – 1 lb
  10. Yeast – 5 lbs

Be Prepared for Emergencies with Food Storage

The shopping list above contains very basic foods to help you survive an emergency or disaster for six whole months. Be sure to add other products to meet your daily nutritional needs. Some of these include vitamins, health shakes and various healthy snacks.

One of the best ways to add some variety to the list above is to include canned foods and freeze dried foods in your emergency supply. Canned fruits, vegetables, beans and meats will help your family maintain a healthy diet during these times.

However, canned foods are very bulky and heavy to carry. So, if you ever need to evacuate, you’ll need foods that are easier to travel with on the road. Freeze dried foods come in many varieties, just like canned foods. Yet, freeze dried food weighs much less, making it best for evacuations.

Check the labels of the foods you purchase. You want to be sure that they contain loads of proteins and vitamins. Also, when buying products for your stockpile, make sure to purchase foods you and your family normally eat. For example, if you like to cook with canned tomatoes a lot, make sure your food storage also contains lots of canned and freeze dried tomatoes.

This article was written by Dirk Puckett of Daily Bread. They provide the essentials needed for your stockpile needs. Get prepared by starting your Daily Bread Food Storage today.

4 thoughts on “10 Essential Foods To Include In Your Food Storage – Guest Post”

  1. Even if those quantities are for one person, you’re way off on most of them.
    IMHO you need more flour, double the sugar, beans and rice, half the yeast, and you really need oatmeal for some variety.

  2. 5lbs of yeast will produce about 325 normal size loaves of bread 🍞 using 1oz yeast for 4 loaves(8 loaves per ounce in ideal situations). 4lbs of flour per 4 loaf batch would require 80+ lbs of flour. I would suggest the small packaged dry yeast. Once you open a big package of yeast it starts to die, and won’t work at the end. I would strongly suggest adding honey to the list. It doesn’t spoil, and has germicidal properties. Salt is cheap so load up. It doesn’t spoil either as long as it’s dry.

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